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Askblog for Webby the ghost and Amitiel the angel


What's going on?: Ami's training to become the bridge between three worlds. Webby, meanwhile, is sleeping far too much, and being awfully secretive about things. Maybe her upcoming excursion into a jungle will fix things between her and Ghost?

((Eating lunch with roomie and fam))

((Good morning everyone! I’m off work today and tomorrow! Aw yiss))

((i wanna draw some noncanon webby ships but with who


((i’ve gotta go to work now ;_;


miss-amby said: So I'll get the DVD and some ice cream with liquor and we can watch it at my place. Sound like a good plan?

Awww yiss

Just you and me or are there other ladies gonna join us?

Y’know what? Let’s get Mo and Dee in on this. It’s been ages since I got to just hang out with Moirin, and I don’t think I’ve ever properly met Dee.

((I gotta go to work in a few hours so I need to go exercise for a bit.))

miss-amby said: Have you seen Captain America? Wonderful story and the actor is great eye candy ;)

I haven’t, actually. That could work!

miss-amby said: *gasps* you're right they do! Now we need a movie.


I’ve been out of the world a while what are some good movies?

miss-amby said: So you won't be leaving for a while then. Plenty of time to pick out a good movie and wine. Or ice cream. Now ice cream sounds good.

Yeah, the uh… potential team members are still debating on whether or not they wanna go.

Don’t they make alcoholic ice cream?