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Askblog for Webby the ghost and Amitiel the angel


What's going on?: Ami's training to become the bridge between three worlds. Webby, meanwhile, is sleeping far too much, and being awfully secretive about things. Maybe her upcoming excursion into a jungle will fix things between her and Ghost?


the afterlife isnt all its hyped up to be

gorgonamby said: Better than stone at least.

[We’ve been covered in plaster before but it wasn’t like that.]

{Damn witches…} -muttering-

<I gotta question. You said before dat you weren’t the Amby from dis world- what did you mean by dat?>

moirin-mcgillicuddy said: -laughs- Oh, goodness! It most certainly is a thing! -giggles- I better get started, if that's the case. I won't be long!

-collective victory whooping-

Hehehehe oh man we’re spoiling them so much. Don’t get used to this kind of thing! I don’t know if magic works back at our Whipstaff!

moirin-mcgillicuddy said: -laughs- Don't worry, I can always snap up the ingredients. Hm, since it's the first day of September, I think I'll make some pumpkin bread! And I'll use the spell I had to create when I was Once's fairy that makes food edible for ghosts on it so you'll be able to enjoy it. ^^

<We… We’ll be able to actually /eat/ it???>



-uncontrollable giggling-

gorgonamby said: You did deserve it a bit. And it kind of works on ghosts. Just makes you freeze for a few seconds before shaking it off, or at least that's what happens with webby.

[Sounds uncomfortable.]

<We’ll take your word for it.>

moirin-mcgillicuddy said: Hungry, you say? I can fix that if you'll just direct me to the nearest kitchen. -smiles-

-simultaneous morphing into puppies in order to beg-

Heeheehee I guess you can try using my kitchen? Not a lot in there, really, but it shouldn’t be hard to get whatever you might need.

-happy barking-

gorgonamby said: It wasn't in good fun though and its bad when I lose my temper. It as probably good you guys are already dead.

[We kinda did deserve it a little though…]

{Anyways it’s over now so we ain’t too miffed or anything.}

<Gorgons got the petrification thing, right? Does that work on ghosts?>

Anonymous said: Chamomile

Times I visited Ghost… uh, before we were a thing, y’know?

And he made tea for himself, me, and Moirin. (Even though his tea was hazelnut)

moirin-mcgillicuddy said: Aye, Dee and I made up. -smiles a tiny bit- I think the wedding's still postponed, but it's okay. But enough about me, how are you five? ^^

At least you’re talking about things, that’s definitely good!

<We’re doin’ better.>

[Kinda hungry.]

{Little bored? But otherwise alright.}

Anonymous said: Silk

I don’t think I ever smelled silk to be honest?